Unravel Workshop

Six months ago I attended Unravel Workshop and it was hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. I met some of the most creative souls and learned SO many valuable things. Sure, I learned how to take better photos, evoke better emotions, edit more consistently, but I think the most eye-opening thing was being reminded how powerful my job is. After the wedding day (or any session), I am literally the only person that is left with those tangible memories. Pretty scary thought… you bet I back those suckas up to 4 different hard-drives now.

Like most photographers starting out, I was always drawn to photographing the babies at the wedding. They’re easy to capture and they’re freakin’ cute; what’s not to love? The thing is babies are always going to be documented. Now, I hunt for the grandparents and friends of parents huddled in corners, sharing a beer and reminiscing on the good ol’ days. The fact that these could end up being some of the last photos of them weighs heavy on my heart. Couples hire me to capture everyone they love and I no longer take that task lightly.

My website and social media used to be composed of 99% facts and 1% personality. I really enjoy writing but for some reason I was nervous to get too personal on my business page, I thought that people wouldn’t take me seriously. LOL. The thing is I don’t want to work with people that just want a mute person with two cameras to show up. So I started sharing more of my life on my Instagram stories and I have a personal blog you can read here. In return I’m attracting my ideal clients and Loki is now everybody’s lovable husky, so much that my couples request his presence at my engagement sessions, haha.

Unravel was hosted by professional photographers Grant Daniels, Laurken Kendall, Rodney Brown, and Justin and Hannah Posey. They all shared their knowledge of the industry and I will be forever grateful. Bethany Mossburg also educated us on the importance of finding our voice. She demonstrated some simple writing exercises that pretty much derailed me. We also stayed in the impossibly cute air-stream village that is AutoCamp.

I wanted to share some of the photos I took of these gorgeous real-life couples because they’ve just been hanging out on my hard-drive and that makes me sad.

Models: Becky & Derek Johnson, Justin & Grace Worr, Jason & Hannah, Elisa & David McAfee

Hair & Makeup: Vanessa Luna Makeup

Flowers: Thistle and Honey

Dresses: La Soie Bridal