This past weekend Broc and I decided to head up to Tahoe with one of his best friends, Brandon, and his beautiful fiancee, Lexie. We took our little pup, Loki, so he could experience his first snow... and snow is what we got! 

We went straight to Boreal Mountain for their $15 college student Friday's (my 2011 ID from my one semester is still going strong - heck yeah!) and drove straight into a winter wonderland. Loki got out of the car and preceded to go absolutely nuts digging and eating the snow which was pretty adorable. I like to think that as a husky he's had daily dreams of running across big, snowy plains and all his dreams were suddenly coming true when his four little paws hit that white fluff.


I've been to Tahoe for a few New Year's celebrations and once in the summer, but I've never been to a Tahoe like the one we experienced this past weekend. It's safe to say that this is the most snow they've gotten in many years. Just driving through the roads, the snow walls on each side were about 8ft high! 

We snowboarded, snacked, drank, lost money in the casino, drank some more, ate icecream, and laughed. When we tried to leave on Monday morning (President's Day) we were in for a wild ride. They closed the road for avalanche control which resulted in us making it a whopping 4 miles in 4 hours. After a quick photoshoot in the blizzard and Loki demolishing all our snacks, we decided it was time to turn around and head back to South Lake Tahoe for a well deserved beverage.

Till next time Tahoe!