Pleasanton Styled Bridal Shoot

Wedding season is here and its REAL!

You know that feeling when you walk into a room but then forget why you’re there? That’s been my constant state these last few weeks as a wedding photographer. I’ve met so many amazing couples and shared the most genuine, happy moments but boy, is it overwhelming at times. My off nights mostly look like wine, cookies, edit, repeat.

Okay, this may seem like the ideal situation to most… but it’s actually pretty easy to get burnt out and blurry eyed when the only person you interact with all day has four legs and a tail. This styled shoot with my past bride Lexie was exactly what I needed for a breath of fresh air!

Anjuli from the Bloom Bar in Sunol reached out to me on instagram about helping and I’m so glad to have met this creative soul! She whipped up the most badass bouquet and flower crown to compliment this styled shoot. Anjuli also helped me with a styled Halloween Shoot (coming soon) and we are working a Julia Morgan Ballroom wedding together next year! Yay!

Kathryn from Bay Area Beautiful made all my dreams come true with this perfect bronzed, goddess bridal makeup!! I highly recommend her team to any of my future Bay Area brides.

Raquelle is a local hair stylist that dropped in to create this gorgeous boho braid on Lexie. I then asked her to stay and model for me because she’s such a babe and has the perfect barefoot-bride look.

I ordered the wedding dresses from Tobi. They always have amazing sales and so many options that would be perfect for rehearsals or the wedding day! Both of these dresses were under $60!! Thanks to a little photoshop magic, we were able to keep the tags on and return them... shhh.

All the love to this amazing team that made this all come together!!

Pleasanton Bride Makeup
Pleasanton Boho Bride Hairstyle
Pleasanton Boho Bride
Pleasanton Boho Bride Portrait
Pleasanton Boho Bride Portrait
Pleasanton Boho Bride Portrait
Pleasanton Boho Bride Portrait
Pleasanton Livermore Brides
Bay Area Bride Portrait
Pleasanton Bride Bouquet
Bay Area Boho Brides
Pleasanton Bronzed Bride Portrait
Pleasanton Boho Bride Portrait
Bay Area Bridal Portrait
The Bloom Bar Livermore Bridal Bouquet
Livermore Bridal Shoot
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Livermore Bride Photography
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Pleasanton Bridal Shoot
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Pleasanton Bridal Shoot
Livermore Bridal Shoot
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